Policies & Procedures*

Finished Product Policy:

Due to the custom nature of our product ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Product Pick-Up Policy:

Customer must provide Order (#) Number to confirm purchase.  Any order containing a quantity of five (5) or more items will REQUIRE a copy (physical/digital) of receipt as proof of purchase. Wholesale orders may require proof of identity as well.

Customer Provided Product Policy:

All customer provided products are printed 100% at customer’s own risk.
Coast Ink Club does not accept any responsibility or liability for any unforeseen damage as a result of the printing process.

Replacement Policy:

Within two (2) days after pick up, you may return any printed product or store provided items if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our custom printing, and we will replace the item free of charge. We are not responsible for items left more than 30 days.

Loss Policy:

We exercise utmost care in processing products received to avoid misplacement or loss of items. However, there will be instances where items may get misplaced or lost. As such, differences in count must be reported within 24 hours of pick up. All quantity orders are counted two (2) times, before and after production is complete. Our count must be accepted. A final count at pick-up is recommended, but not required by customer. Coast Ink Club liability regarding any lost or not received item shall not exceed two (2) times our charge for printing of that garment regardless of brand or condition which are at customers own risk at all times.

Unclaimed Items:

Coast Ink Club will attempt to contact customers every 20 days regarding unclaimed items. Items unclaimed after 60 days will be posted and then disposed of 30 days later.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to the custom nature of our product, ALL cancelled orders will be subject to a restocking fee. 

Same Day Cancellation: 20% Restocking Fee

*All  SAME DAY cancellations MUST be made prior to the end of business on the same day.

Order Cancellation:  40% Restocking Fee

*All Cancellations MUST be submitted either in person (in store) or in writing (via email) to be valid.